The Humphrey, MSD


Type II Marine Sanitation Device Sewage Treatment Systems for 3-75 crew.

Marine sewage treatment systems can be complicated or they can be simple. The Humphrey Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) are designed for simplicity, are engineered with common sense, and will provide years of trouble-free service.

The Humphrey Type II MSD's are onboard sewage treatment systems that are fully certified by the USCG and are IMO* approved. Each Humphrey unit exceeds the effluent standard set by Pollution Act Federal Water (33 CFR159) and carries our Certification Number - to ensure absolute compliance with Federal laws.

Because of the possibility of future change in the law, the Humphrey is designed to yield effluent actually higher in quality than currently required by the USCG.

The Humphrey is:

  • Flexible. By choosing to use a modular design instead of a large, bulky, all-in-one unit, we give you ease of installment with greater placement flexibility. Humphrey units can be stacked for compactness or installed remotely from each other. The system is flexible so you don't have to take your boat apart. Most systems can be installed in a matter of hours.
  • Workable. Humphrey components are usually small enough to pass through existing passageways - facilitating easy installation and minimizing costly down time.
  • Lightweight. If weight is a critical constraint in your application the Humphrey offers you the best solution.
  • Non-Corrosive. By choosing to use non-corrosive materials (including a special space age polymer yielding strength and durability, we offer you an MSD truly compatible with harsh marine environment.
  • Cost Effective. Humphrey systems effectively treat waste for pennies a day per person. And with few moving parts, there are fewer opportunities for maintenance problems. Replacement parts are readily available and very inexpensive.
  • Customer Friendly. By choosing to go with field-proven technologies from the start, we have been able to concentrate on how the product works for our customer. From listening to our customers we have upgraded, refined, and expanded the product into today's user friendly model line which exceeds USCG requirements for effluent qualify.


Type Flow Rate Component Sizes Weight (pounds) Power Draw
per 6 second flush
GPD Crew D-1 D-2 Filter Dry Weight 12 VDC 110 VAC
Model 12* 2,770 3 n/a 27L X 15W X 12H 24L X 15W X 12H 40# 115# 6 amp 6 amp
Model 10A 5,760 8 27L X 15W X 12H 27L X 15W X 12H 24L X 15W X 12H 66# 225# 6 amp 6 amp
Model 10AB 5,780 15 42L X 25W X 12H 27L X 15W X 12H 24L X 15W X 12H 84# 336# 6 amp 6 amp
Model 10B 7,200 30 42L X 25W X 12H 42L X 25W X 12H 27L X 15W X 12H 158# 750# n/a 11.2 amp
Model 10C 9,000 50 60L X 40W X 18H 42L X 25W X 18H 24L X 15W X 18H 208# 3000# n/a 11.2 amp
Model 10D 11,160 75 60L X 40W X 18H 60L X 40W X 18H 42L X 25W X 18H 414# 4000# n/a 11.2 amp

Additional configurations are available.  Please contact us.

*The Model 12, designed for use by camper and small boat owners has not been submitted to the IMO for approval.